NORTHERN EXPOSURE: Registration and Orientation



Now that you have been accepted, you'll want to pay your Enrollment Confirmation Fee as soon as possible. You can do that online by paying through your MyNKU portal.

Registration and Orientation is your next step in successfully transitioning to NKU. All new incoming students are required to attend orientation.

First Time Freshmen

   Spring 2016

Attend a 1-day orientation/registration event on December 16th. Beginning at the end of October, the Office of New Student Orientation & Parent Programs will begin corresponding with students who have been admitted to start taking classes at NKU in January 2016. Attendance at this in-person registration/orientation event is mandatory for all First Time Freshmen (people who have earned less than 24 college credit hours).

    Fall 2016

Northern Exposure is a required TWO-PART process. You MUST ATTEND BOTH a Registration Program (1-day advising and registration program) and Orientation (August 11th - 13th) in order to fulfill the mandatory orientation requirement.  

Registration Program: 1-day experience including advising and registration for your classes


Orientation: a 3-day extended orientation experience that occurs just before classes begin in August.

Click here for more information.  

Transfer, Veterans and Post-traditional Students

The 2016 spring orientation date for Transfer students and Veteran students is on January 6th. **Please note, Post-Traditional Students will attend the orientation/registration event with the First Time Freshmen on Wednesday, December 16th.

Orientation is required for all incoming students. Depending on the number of credit hours you are transferring, this will be either a 1-day experience, or an online experience. Transfer students click here for more information. Veteran and post-traditional students click here for more information.  

During each orientation experience, students will have the chance to meet with faculty and staff from your respective college or school, new classmates, and current students. Students will also learn about the campus resources available to enhance their success from their first semester to graduation.