PARKING INFO for Northern Exposure: Orientation* and VictorFest beginning Thursday, August 13: Students and parents may park in any student lot or garage without being ticketed or cost, for all activities Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Parents are invited to events on Thursday, but it is students only Friday and Saturday).

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Welcome to the NKU Family!

We are the Office of New Student Orientation & Parent Programs and we are dedicated to helping incoming students cultivate their individual support networks at the university to help them pursue and achieve personal and academic success. We will begin laying the foundation for your success through information you will receive from us via email and postal mailings.

Success from the First Semester to Graduation

New Student Orientation & Parent Programs is dedicated to making your first semester and the path to graduation a success. We invite you to learn more about us and the Northern Kentucky University community.  Through our website you will be able to find information about the Northern Exposure- registration and orientation, VictorFest, Family Weekend, the NKU Parent Association, parent programming opportunities, and student leadership & involvement opportunities.

Begin to Build Your Support Network

As you begin to prepare for the transition to college, NKU has developed a comprehensive orientation program to assist you in cultivating your own individual support network at the university. Orientation is designed to foster an enduring connection between the students, their families and the NKU community. Through interactive experiences, students will become informed and skilled consumers of the academic programs and comprehensive services offered at NKU.


While registration and orientation is mandatory for all incoming students, we do have separate programs for new first-time freshman, non-traditional students, veterans and transfers.

Parent Programs

Parents who are knowledgeable about campus resources and involved in their student's education are a key factor in helping students to succeed in college.

As a parent at NKU, it is important for you to get involved and stay informed in order to best support your student's education, as well as their transition to adulthood. We offer multiple ways for you to help your student succeed. You can find out more here.


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here, please don't hesitate to call us at (859) 572-1967!